When trying to setup this blog, I was wondering why some domains prefer to have their own blogs on separate subdomain. So there were two options:
  • blog.extrawatch.com
  • extrawatch.com/blog

Well, there are many cons mentioned for using subdomain on other blog posts around the internet. I've tried it, and

I'm giving it a no-go.

Why? When using subdomain and you have different CMS like we have - Joomla and want to use Wordpress for blogging

you can't use relative URLs in your CMS themes !!!

So, if you have images on: extrawatch.com/img/myimage1.png then when using the same image in wordpress theme, you'd have to use full URL: http://www.extrawatch.com/img/myimage1.png Cause using a relative one: /img/myimage1.png would make the browser think that he has to search for http://blog.extrawatch.com/img/myimage1.png That's it. Maybe this post will help other people making the right decision. Feel free to comment what do you think. Image by Paul Downey

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