Click Heatmap

Click heat map allows you to see your visitors interactions with your website which of the elements of your website are the most active.

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It allows you to see for example - menu items popularity as well as popularity of other elements such as form fields or check out forms.

Selecting most popular pages based on clicks

When you select a "Click Heatmap" section in the admin dashboard, you are able to see the list of most popular pages sorted by most of the clicks. By selecting a page from the drop-down menu, website view below refreshes and opens the page with heat map overlay displaying the click heatmap.


Blue Color represents the least clicked areas, whereas yellow or red elements represent the most active parts.

Past Days

Drop down menu allows you to select number of days which will be included in the heat map overlay. when will I graduate all clicks from all those lost vase off days


This functionality is very useful if you are not able to tell if some element you put on your website attracts users or not It allows you to rearrange the elements of your page, so that they receive the most clicks and navigate your user towards your marketing goals

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