Why another tool when you can use google analytics?

Different insight on your visitor's real time behaviour

With free google analytics tool you can see website's statistics, but it's hard to find out who's directly on your site and what is the exact behaviour of your users.

Just perfect to analyze your audience

You will increase your conversion rates with our tool

Optimize landing pages

With heatmap functionality

Track clicks on buttons and links

Save click on element as a goal and get email report

Elements popularity

See which elements are most popular

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Useful features

Current visitors, Statistics, Location, Heatmap, Clicks, SEO Report, Users, Downloads, Traffic Flow, Goals, IP Blocking, Graphs, History, Email Reports, Directory Sizes, Database Status, Settings

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Visitor Activity

See what users are doing on your website; analyze usage patterns.

Clicks HeatMap

See the most "active" click spots on your website, optimize the page to get better conversions and sales.

Click Conversion Tracking

Monitor button and link clicks; see reports on every page element.

Downloaded Files

Monitor files your users have downloaded by simply specifying file extensions like *.mp3, *.pdf.

Android Mobile App

Access your stats with one click from your mobile phone screen..

Facebook, Twitter and Other Media

See reports from which medium the user visited your website; monitor visits from GA campaigns, etc.

Traffic Flow

View an interactive HTML5 flowchart of internal traffic distribution between your pages.

Mobile Device Detection

With many popular mobile devices, see which is used in every visit.

Search Engine Reports

Check the list of keywords by which users found your website and their stats.

Database Status

Keep an eye on your database tables and data growth over time.

Directory Sizes

Determine which extensions are eating up your hosting space.

Front-End Widgets and Counters

Display number of visits from different countries for a specific time period.

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