Main Features of ExtraWatch

Watch website visitors in real time

Check who's browsing your website right now. Immediate refresh on every new visit.

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Visitor information

See visitor's country, city, approximate GPS coordinates, anonymized IP address (in order to be GDPR compliant), browser, device and operating system.

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Displaying visitor locations on a map

See who's visiting which page and from which part of the world.

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One dashboard for all your websites

See how all of your websites perform from a single dashboard. Switch between these websites easily. Use calendar date picker to see stats for particular day.

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Most popular pages

See which pages are the most popular. Use the calendar control to see statistics of previous days.

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Referring pages

See from which pages users came to visit your website.

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Track any website

You can track any website, not just joomla or wordpress websites. System will generate a javascript code snippet, which you can simply place to any HTML.

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Joomla! plugin

Joomla! plugin offers seamless integration of the ExtraWatch dashboard within the Joomla menu. It publishes a tracking code on your website's front end for you.

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Wordpress plugin

Wordpress plugin (just like Joomla plugin) offers easier integration of the ExtraWatch dashboard. It handles the registration process and tracking code on your website's front end for you.

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Access from your mobile phone browser

Just open https://app.extrawatch.com sand input your email and password and see what's going on on your website.

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