Ever wondered what drives traffic for all the websites that seem to be doing so well? Perhaps you think they have some magic moves that you do not know. You would be wrong to think that, because all these successful marketers do, is to have a sound content marketing strategy. This means, that they have content that drives search traffic to their website and ensures lots of visits to their pages.

5 easy steps to use Heat Map to makes your pages convert better. Click Heat Maps – Replacing Your Old Stats Counters With Something That Actually Helps

ExtraWatch Live Visitor Counter allows you to see how users interact with your website in real time. Directly from your Joomla administrator dashboard.

Landing page optimization for Carlton by CHECKusmedia. ExtraWatch adopted by CHECKusmedia for Carlton landing page optimization campaign - "Take user experience of your sites to the next level"

ExtraWatch Live Visitor Counter allows you to see how users interact with your website in real time.

Important ways to use traffic reporting plugin is to use the Live Visitor Tracking feature of ExtraWatch extension. Live Visitor Counter actually serves you the key information in real time. You'll see who’s browsing your site at the moment – as well as all the information about your users’ vital statistics and most important behaviors as they browse your site. Main Real Time Live Visitor Tracking Overview Dashboard seems large and complicated at first, you might be a little intimidated to use all of the information right away. live-visitor-tracking

Multi-store Setup ExtraWatch now supports installations on multiple domains.

We've started to work on new version of ExtraWatch which will be based on ready-made "Neon" bootstrap admin template purchased from Themeforest. This admin template has some nice charts and interactive elements which we can use to offer you a better user experience and better customization

Creating a profitable website is the same as building any business. If you are starting a WordPress site with the hopes of creating a really successful blog, then you need to approach this new business with the same attitude that you would any other venture.

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