ExtraWatch adopted by CHECKusmedia for Carlton landing page optimization campaign - "Take user experience of your sites to the next level"

CHECKusmedia on ExtraWatch tool in General:

"ExtraWatch analytic tool helped us measure as marketing agency all data from our campaigns and give quality output to our customer. Besides daily reports which include basic information like: like unique visitors , page loads , hits , referrers pages , media , browsers , countries , operating systems , it has some unique features" CHECKusmedia on ExtraWatch Goal setting "With this feature we can set some action , for example facebook page click-throughs and then measure, how many visitors clicked through facebook page from our customer‘s landing page or web" carlton-extrawatch-element-clicks CHECKusmedia on ExtraWatch Heatmap "This is something perfect! We can see how customers behave on pages , where is the highest click-rate, what could be very helpful for design optimization. Based on click heatmap screen , we saw many clicks on OFFICES FOR RENT headline from landing page visitors ." carlton-landing-page-heatmap"They thought , that they will find here more information about offices , so we don’t hesitated and we added our customer’s web URL address to this headline . On this address visitors can find more information like : sales manager contact , offices plan, location in town on a map and more information about office benefits . The result was amazing !" "We've added this headline to one of our ExtraWatch goals and saw , that headline’s click-through rate is really high . With this feature we could bring user experience of customer’s landing page to higher level , what is from our point of view very important and now we can give through ExtraWatch maximum for our customer and then have a positive response :"

Jozef Cino - Product Manager of Carlton: „ Guys, this tool is amazing, I will recommend it to my development team! Thank you Extrawatch team for great job and perfect 24/7 support !"

ExtraWatch is proudly featured at:

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