If you bought a license, or you have any other questions related to license purchase.


To get an invoice, check email from paddle.com (They act as reseller of ExtraWatch licenses)

Check email with title:

Payment Success (ExtraWatch PRO ... ) Order #....


receipt_url http://my.paddle.com/receipt/...

if you open that link, you should be able to see the receipt...

What is a "license"?

It's a SaaS (Software as a Service) license.

It allows you to use our services according to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


VAT (Value Added Tax)

Value Added Tax is added by paddle.com to your payment automatically based on your country of origin.

If you are a company and have a VAT number, first, you specify country,

in second step, you are able to click "Add VAT number".

Adding VAT number

Enter your VAT number and company...

Money back guarantee, refund

If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. We reserve a right not to refund payments older than 30 days. There still might be exceptions, just contact us via support chat.

To ask for a refund:

Open email with...

If you bought ExtraWatch® PRO license several years ago

you have the following options:

If you still use ExtraWatch® PRO 2.3

You can still use that version forever directly in your CMS (Joomla / Wordpress), but there won't be any further security or feature updates. We recommend using latest v...