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  • If you still cannot find and answer, you can open a private support ticket. No login / account needed !!!

    How to install ExtraWatch?

    Check Joomla, Wordpress, Magento and Prestashop Installation videos

    I have purchased this, but have lost my activation code

    1. Login with username which is associated with your paypal email (Forgot username? Forgot password?)
    2. Go to "My Purchases"
    3. There you should see all your purchases and activation keys.
    Note: If purchases list is empty, make sure you really logged in with account which is associated to your paypal email address

    I bought the license and I want to download the software

    Search for correct username using Forgot username section. Make sure you entered an email with which you purchased the license!
    Login with this account and then click on your username and choose "My Purchases"

    When I log in, "My purchases" is empty

    You're probably logged in with different user account Open Forgot username section.
    Enter email which you entered during the purchase process and find the correct username

    I made a mistake when entering domain name to get the license key

    To get the correct key, please open a support ticket and provide the correct domain name.
    We're working on a way how to automate this process better

    I want an Invoice

    Authorized seller of this extension is Avangate, please find email from this seller and invoice they provided to you

    Cannot install our extension?

    Make sure that max upload size is in your php.ini set to at least 10MB. Details on creating info.php and changing PHP.ini

    I see no visitors

    1. Make sure you've seen Installation videos

    2. Make sure Agent module is published and it's published on ALL pages, and in position where there's other module visible

    I have no activation key

    1. Login with username which was created for you when you purchased the license

    2. Click on your login name and choose "My Purchases"

    3. Click on "specify domain name"

    4. Enter your domain name URL (without www or http://) !!!

    5. You'll have an activation key for your domain

    6. Type in this key into ExtraWatch activation screen

    There's some other problem...

    1. Check our How To section

    2. Check our our public support forum

    3. Please submit either a public forum post or a private support ticket (no reg. required)

    There are too many URL errors

    Disable any SEF plugin

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