Multi-store Setup ExtraWatch now supports installations on multiple domains.

What is Multi-store setup strategy?

It is used usually by online stores where they maintain database of products but have different domains for each country. I did not know about this strategy until I was contacted by users of ExtraWatch running it as an extension for Magento and Prestashop.

Multi Domain

How to activate multi-store / multi-domain setup with ExtraWatch?

  1. Create ExtraWatch® account
  2. Go to Websites section
  3. Add as many websites as you want
  4. Each one will have different project ID
  5. Copy the Javascript code to each of your website
  6. Make sure that project ID in your javascript code matches
  7. Then, you should be able to switch between multiple websites, as you can see on screenshot below: Multi Domain

Image by r. nial bradshaw

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