Prestashop introduced module validator. It is on one hand a good step towards quality of submitted modules, but on the other hand, it reports many things which are not that crucial for quality of the module as a whole. For example: - structure errors - 900 structure errors? Just because all javascript files are not in /js folder but in /js/{js_lib_name}/{js_lib}.js ... Come on.. They insist that you get a module with bunch of .js in one folder? With a module that has tens of thousands lines of code? prestashop-validation-structure   The same with images and .css - what if you'd have separate themes. No. You have to put everything as a mess into one folder, because the module won't pass the validation .. Insane ! prestashop-validation   Anyway, I guess I don't have any other way, but to adapt. On chart above, you can see the progress of my effort towards compatibility with this prestashop validator. ExtraWatch 2.4 will have structure which conforms to this validation even though the content of the module will be not as structured as I would like. If authors of this validator would be responding .. but there is not a single response.. Such a shame. UPDATE: (same day after 6 hours changing structure of the module): IT keeps reporting wrong structure (as you can see on screenshot below !) validator-css-img

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