There are 2 different ways how you can use ExtraWatch

1. way: Native CMS plugin (ExtraWatch FREE / ExtraWatch PRO)

- This is a native Worpress / Joomla / Magento / Prestashop plugin. You MUST have one of them to use it.

- All data are in your own database

- You see your statistics directly from within that CMS in your administration panel

ExtraWatch PRO

- One-time payment (Single domain license, Multi domain license)

- You can't use it to track pages which are not base on Worpress / Joomla / Magento / Prestashop

ExtraWatch FREE

- has only a subset of features and adds a back link to extrawatch.com, which is not present in PRO version


2. way: Cloud version (ExtraWatch CLOUD)

ExtraWatch CLOUD

- You don't have to have Worpress / Joomla / Magento / Prestashop in order to see visitors

- You CAN use it to track basically any HTML page

- All you need is to place a generated HTML tracking code to every page which you want to track

- 30-day trial period

- Recurrying monthly payments - $4,99/month per website or $49,99/year per webste

- You don't have to worry about updates, it's being updated directly in the cloud


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Stats counter for Joomla, Wordpress, Joomla 3.0 statistics, Real time Tracking

ExtraWatch is registered trademark

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