We bet you're interested in seeing percentage of traffic between your pages

One of the most important areas that webmasters use to analyze the traffic on their website is the traffic flow. But while so many analytics programs only give you the raw data (as opposed to a nice visual graph), ExtraWatch's Traffic Flow features are fully capable of providing you feedback in both forms: the raw data and a visualization of the traffic flow.



When you open the Traffic Flow section of your account, you’ll notice that a nice graph is rendered. This graph represents the basic flow of traffic on your site.

The “star” that you see above is essentially a traffic map, similar to the type of traffic map that you might see in Google Traffic on roads – except in this case, the same visual principles are being applied to your web site.

You’ll also notice the “heat” scale in the upper right corner: that scale uses color to represent a percentage of traffic flow. If 100% of your traffic clicks to a certain page, you would see a red arrow pointing out from your root page, not a purple one.

If the star isn’t your favorite feature, you will get a direct count of the traffic flow right below. It looks like this:


As you can see there, you still get the “heat colors” for a quick visualization of traffic flow, but you also get the hard data presented to you in a clear form.
One important thing to remember here is that when you log into this section of your Joomla account, you’re reviewing the data for the day. Every day, your data will be reset, so you’re getting the most fresh data regarding the navigation of your website. In other words, it’s not hard to review what’s been happening most recently on your site.

Studying Your Own Site

Reviewing the charts above, you start to get an idea of what pieces of your website are most interesting to your website visitors. In the case of the first start, you can use the simple heat map coloring system and notice that most people are visiting /downloads/ after arriving at the site.

You can then use this traffic flow feature in conjunction with other Joomla extensions (such as a heat map) and see why you think the traffic is flowing in that particular direction. This can give you ideas for tweaks in the web site design or content itself in order to change the traffic flow of your website. As they say “what gets measured gets managed.” That means with this Joomla Traffic Flow extension, you’ll be better able to both measure – and manage – where the traffic is flowing on your particular site.

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Main Features of ExtraWatch

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Long-Tail Keywords

Capturing Long-Tail keywords - by which was your website found. You can do a SEO optimization on that keywords to rank better in search results.


Elements popularity

On which links / page elements users click the most ?

Interaction before conversion

Get an email every time there's a click to any button
you select with paths that preceded that click and lead user to conversion


Where my visitors click the most?

See the most "active" click spots on your website,
optimize page to get better conversions and sales.

Users interacting with your website in real-time

See what users are doing on your website, find usage patterns.
Get report for user accounts activity and
alerts if some users are sharing same login names.

I'd like to track click on buttons, etc.

Monitor buttons and link clicks,
see reports on every page element.
Change element, see increase or decrease.

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What files are my users downloading?

Monitor files your users have downloaded in time
just by simply specifying file extension like .mp3 or .pdf

Can I access these stats via Android app?

Access your stats with one-click from your mobile phone screen.

What about visits from social media?

See reports from which media user visited your website,
monitor also visits from Google Adsense campaigns, etc.

How does internal visitors flow looks like?

An interactive HTML5 chart of flow of
internal traffic distribution between your pages

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Can I know models of mobiles?

In this world of very popular mobile devices
- see the detected type of device with every visit

On which position users found me in google?

List of keywords by which users found your website
and their stats. Increase and decrease
of search result position and trends.

Which database tables increase in time?

Keep an eye on your database tables and data increase in time

Which Directory Sizes increase in time?

List of keywords by which users found your website
and their stats. Increase and decrease
of search result position and trends.

I'd like to see the frontend counters

You can displays number of visits from different
countries for specific time period


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