Main Features of ExtraWatch

Long-Tail Keywords

Capturing Long-Tail keywords - if they were provided by google - by which was your website found. You can do a SEO optimization on that keywords to rank better in search results.

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Elements popularity

On which links / page elements users click the most ?

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Interaction before conversion

Get an email every time there's a click to any button / link you select with paths that preceded that click and lead user to conversion

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Where my visitors click the most?

See the most "active" click spots on your website, optimize page to get better conversions and sales.

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Users interacting with your website in real-time

See what users are doing on your website, find usage patterns. Get report for user accounts activity and alerts if some users are sharing same login names.

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I'd like to track click on buttons, etc.

Monitor buttons and link clicks, see reports on every page element. Change element, see increase or decrease.

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What about visits from social media?

See reports from which media user visited your website, monitor also visits from Google Adsense campaigns, etc.

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How does internal visitors flow looks like?

An interactive HTML5 chart of flow of internal traffic distribution between your pages

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Can I know models of mobiles?

In this world of very popular mobile devices - see the detected type of device with every visit

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On which position users found me in google?

List of keywords by which users found your website and their stats. Increase and decrease of search result position and trends.

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