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This Privacy Policy is part of ExtraWatch® Terms of Use and describes the privacy practices of ExtraWatch®. It is explained how ExtraWatch® collects client information, including Personally Identifiable Information, under which circumstances we may disclose information to others and how we use such information. By using any of websites, services, software, you acknowledge that you accept and consent to terms and practices in this Privacy Policy.

ExtraWatch® website and User Information

If you are using ExtraWatch® website, or you registered or signs to ExtraWatch® website its services (“Client”), including free trial service, we may collect following Information:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • URL of Website


These information are known as “ExtraWatch® Client Information” and they might be used to identify and contact you and to find out if you are using some of our services or require a support for our services or software.


What ExtraWatch® website provides to the End Users

There are two types of services provided by ExtraWatch® website:

  • ExtraWatch® CMS plugin (Content Management System plugin with data stored in CMS databse)

  • ExtraWatch® SaaS solution (Software as a Service solution with data stored in cloud services)


“ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” definition

ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” is software which is used to extend basic functionality of underlying CMS (Content Management System) or e-commerce Shopping Cart Solution.

ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” can be installed as software plugin to these known CMS and e-commerce solutions:

  • Joomla!

  • Wordpress

  • PrestaShop

  • Magento

In order to use this plugin, make sure you check CMS version prerequisites. Plugin may not work for older or out-dated versions of CMS.

“ExtraWatch® CMS plugin”

Our clients are able to download a software plugin either as FREE or paid (PRO version) to obtain information regarding activities of users who visit their web pages. ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” enables owners of websites to collect information (later known as “Client User Data”). These may include “Personally identifiable information”.

What types of Information does “ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” Obtain?

ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” may collect information provided by browser or mobile device, specifically:

  • Pages Accesses

  • Browser Information

  • IP Address

  • Time of Visit

  • URL Parameters and submitted form fields values

  • Mobile Devices Information

  • Referring site, Service, Application or anything which led to Client's website including search queries and their position in search results

  • Clicks on website elements such as links, images and any other parts of website

  • Downloads of files if these were defined to be intercepted by ExtraWatch® by the client in ExtraWatch® administration

  • Database table sizes, number of records in such database table, amount of data stored in such tables

  • Directory sizes of directories (if these were scanned from ExtraWatch® by the Client)

Responsibility for Client User Data stored in Database of user using “ ExtraWatch® CMS plugin”

In case of using “ExtraWatch® CMS plugin”, all information are stored in database of end user who installed ExtraWatch® CMS plugin”. Database tables which contain collected data are stored together with database tables of other components and tables used by CMS itself and such collected data and handling of such data is solely and exclusively in responsibility of client or website owner, administrator or other 3rd party authorized to maintain the website. ExtraWatch® has no influence on how client or any other end user uses this data and by using “ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” users of such plugin acknowledge that ExtraWatch® is not responsible for any disclosure of Client User Information and is not responsible of other possible consequences of disclosing of such data in any way.


“ExtraWatch® SaaS solution”

Our clients are register for an account on websites of ExtraWatch® and are able get a HTML tracking code which they place on a website where they want to use the “ExtraWatch® SaaS solution”. ExtraWatch® SaaS solution enables owners of websites to collect information known as Client User Data on any website by using HTML tracking code only. These information may include Personally identifiable information”.

In such case Client User Data are stored on 3rd party web servers, web hosting partners and their databases, which are used by for an end user of ExtraWatch® SaaS solution”. These information are then being used to produce data visualization, reports, insight into visitor's activities and other information for a user of “ExtraWatch® SaaS solution”, so that this end user of ExtraWatch® SaaS service” can evaluate and understand behavior of visitors interacting with their websites and can be used by end user of ExtraWatch® SaaS service” to be able to modify their websites to create a better user experience and to be able to modify their websites to be more valuable and check digital marketing outcomes and their effect.


What types of Information does “ExtraWatch® SaaS solution” Obtain?

ExtraWatch® SaaS solution may collect information provided by browser or mobile device, specifically:

  • Pages Accesses

  • Browser Information

  • IP Address

  • Time of Visit

  • URL Parameters and submitted form fields values

  • Mobile Devices Information

  • Referring site, Service, Application or anything which led to Client's website including search queries and their position in search results

  • Clicks on website elements such as links, images and any other parts of website


Disclosure of Information collected by “ExtraWatch® SaaS solution” to Third Parties

ExtraWatch® never sells or shares any Client User Data with companies or any other individuals other than specific Client from which the Client User Information associated with client's website originated. These information might be accessible to and administrators of ExtraWatch® SaaS solution” for purposes of maintenance and support.

ExtraWatch® SaaS solution” doesn't collect information which aggregate global behavior based on Client User Information of individual clients of ExtraWatch® SaaS solution”.

Administrators and marketers of ExtraWatch® may analyze Client User Data for its own internal purposes or research to be able to get an overview of trends of how clients of ExtraWatch® SaaS solution” use the service.


Laws, Rules and Regulations

ExtraWatch® requires that users of any of its service or products to abide by all applicable rules, regulations and laws where it applies.


Privacy Policy Statements Published by the End Users

ExtraWatch® contractually requires Clients and/or Users of ExtraWatch® services or products to comply with all Applicable Laws with respect to the “Personally Identifiable Information” of EU or Swiss and to post an online privacy policy.

Such online privacy policy should state that website uses ExtraWatch® product or service together to acknowledge visitor or websites which User Client Information are being collected and should include all information which are mentioned in sections “What types of Information does “ExtraWatch® SaaS solution” Obtain?” or “What types of Information does “ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” Obtain?”.

Privacy policy published by end users of ExtraWatch® product or service must contain also information for end users how to opt-out from being tracked by the website. This may include instructions mentioned in section “How to opt-out from being tracked by ExtraWatch® product or service” mentioned below. Privacy policy of end users of ExtraWatch® product or service must be easily accessible from any page of website of client using ExtraWatch® product or service, most preferably from the footer of the website.


Use of Cookies by ExtraWatch®

“ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” and “ExtraWatch® SaaS service” doesn't use any cookies (these are piece of data stored on end user's computer by the web browser)

However, marketing campaigns ExtraWatch® may collect information about rate of loading of electronic images and pieces of other code that may be used in email campaigns or other communication to count open rate of emails sent to clients.


Disclosure of Information to 3rd parties

ExtraWatch® Client Information, any Personally Identifiable information, Client User Data may be shared with 3rd party individuals and companies that help with administering ExtraWatch® software or service (for example hosting services). Such 3rd parties are obligated not to disclose or misuse such information which are considered as User Information or Client User Data for any other purpose than mentioned purpose and employ security measures that are adequate in order to prevent unauthorized access to this kind of data. ExtraWatch® is absolutely not responsible in any way if such information are disclosed, as any security lapse by such 3rd party.

Mentioned information may be shared with service providers that use them to on behalf of clients of ExtraWatch®.


Law Enforcement and Legal Process

ExtraWatch® reserves a right to disclose Client Information or Client User Information together with information which are considered as Personally Identifiable Information in order to:

  • Enforce, investigate or apply any security or other breaches of Terms of Use or other agreements between ExtraWatch® and its end user

  • Comply with regulation, legal request, law or any regulations

  • Protect safety, employees, property, legal rights


If ExtraWatch® is Acquired by Another Subject

ExtraWatch® and all its assets if acquired by any other subject or entity or successor, all Client User Data, Client Information and/or Client Information will be transferred as one of the assets to such subject. This subject may continue to continue with service as used by the original subject.


How to Opt-out from Being Tracked by ExtraWatch® Product or Service

Do Not Track Signals” is the most unified and preferable way how not to be tracked by ExtraWatch® product or service. “Do Not Track Signals” are specific end user browser setting where such user checks that he doesn't want to be tracked.

ExtraWatch® may pick such signal and exclude such user from being tracked. These settings are rather browser specific and users can check appropriate guide and make effective such browser specific setting to set such “Do Not Track Signal”.

It's not possible for this privacy policy to maintain list of how-to guides for every browser versions because they vary and change over time. One of possible ways how to find appropriate web browser documentation might be looking for: “set do not track {browser name}” where user replaces {browser name} with name of browser used.

Do Not Track Signals” may not work on mobile devices if such mobile devices and other devices which do not support this setting.


How We Protect Information

We implemented reasonable security mechanisms and practices in order to protect Client Information and Client User Data that are maintained on servers where ExtraWatch® website and “ExtraWatch® SaaS service” store its information. We are using 3rd party hosting services which are responsible for such data from being lost, disclosed, misused, destructed and/or accessed without authorized access. There are scheduled data backups being performed by hosting service providers.

Example of security mechanisms used by ExtraWatch® services include high security private/public encryption keys, encryption on processed data, SSL encryption of communication of transmitted data.

No security system in impenetrable. ExtraWatch® cannot guarantee that such information cannot be disclosed even though all mentioned mechanisms were in place. By using ExtraWatch® and its services you agree that ExtraWatch® and its related entities cannot be held responsible to unauthorized access to User Information, Personally Identifiable Information and User Data. We are doing our best to keep that data safe using mentioned security mechanisms.

Data Collected by “ExtraWatch® CMS plugin”

Protection of data used by “ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” is solely an exclusively in responsibility of users of CMS or an e-Commerce solution to which was this plugin installed.

Data which has this plugin collected and are stored in CMS or e-Commerce database together with other database tables of other components and CMS itself. Backup files or any other files which are related to databases which contain these information and handling of such files is in responsibility of CMS or e-Commerce system administrator or owner. By using “ExtraWatch® CMS plugin” you agree that ExtraWatch® and its associated entities cannot be held responsible for any misuse or disclosure of such information collected by this plugin.


Changes to this Policy

We reserve a right to change this Privacy Policy over time. Every change is publicly announced on social network accounts associated with ExtraWatch®. Such change becomes effective upon announcing such change.


Effective Date of this Policy

Privacy Policy is effective at date which is mentioned at the top of this document



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