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Live stats view with realtime visits tracking

Illustration 1: Live Stats dashboard

  • Who’s browsing your site right now
  • Where your user is from
  • Which keywords they used to find you in Google.
  • How many times a user clicked when on a particular page
  • Block a specific IP address from your website
  • See the exact location of user on a map
  • Time difference since his first visit

How to Use the Visitor Tracking Feature

This is one of the most entertaining options of ExtraWatch and is the function that is the easiest to obsess over. Many other plugins offer traffic reports to give you an overview of the data, but ExtraWatch actually allows you to watch it in real time. This allows you to actually watch users and see how they are navigating, interacting, and reading your site. Viewing their behavior first hand is a great way to understand what is going on.


Live stats view with realtime visits tracking

Illustration 2: Live Stats dashboard

At the top, you’ll notice visitors who are currently visiting your website. The “Green Dot” will show if they are on or not, and the IP address next to their country’s flag will portray their geographic location. 

Live stats view with realtime visits tracking

Illustration 3: Live Stats - Location
In the screenshot below, you’ll see that this particular user downloaded the pre-specified file. Remember that you can set your own goals and later measure them to see just how well your website is performing.
Live stats view with realtime visits tracking

Illustration 3: Live Stats - Downloads



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