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  • February 14, 2015

    See difference in activity for a particular element over time:

    • Click on Clicks in left menu
    • Scroll down to section Clicks Areas for **
    • See increase or decrease in number of clicks since 1, 7, or 28 days ago for a particular element
    • Click on the chart icon for a visual representation of that information
      (screenshot of elements charts)
      Fig. 1 - Charts of element clicks over time
    • Use this information to assess the activity of important elements and think of changes you could make to improve it
  • February 14, 2015

    Quickly identify which elements are the most popular on your different pages:

    • Click on Clicks in left menu
    • Scroll down to All time hottest click areas highlight
    • Find the page you want to analyze and click on its title
    • ExtraWatch will open the page and highlight its most popular elements
      Fig. 1 - Elements with lowest clicks are displayed in violet, then there's blue, yellow and red represents the most popular element
    • Use this information to optimize your content's layout in order to try and increase the popularity of some elements
  • February 14, 2015

    2.4. Analyze in real time what elements of your website are being clicked on

    • Click on Clicks in left menu
    • Scroll down to Latest element clicks refreshed in real-time
    • From there you can determine which elements are currently being clicked on and by whom
      Fig. 1 - Latest clicks refreshed in real time
  • February 14, 2015
    • Click on Clicks in left menu
    • Scroll down to section Clicks Areas for **
    • Click left or right to switch between days
      Fig. 1 - Select day in Clicks Areas table
    • Find the element you are looking for
    • Inspect the clicks column to find out the number of times that particular element was clicked on that day
    • You can also click on any element id to know which element it represents
      Fig. 2 - Click on first element in Clicks Areas table for ** (today)
    • ExtraWatch will open a new web page and highlight the corresponding element in it
      Fig. 3 - We see that the About Us page link is our element with the greatest number of clicks today
  • February 14, 2015

    Find out which elements get the most clicks on your website:

    • Click on Clicks in left menu
    • The All time element clicks table shows the most clicked on elements on your website in descending order
    • Find the element id you are looking for and inspect the clicks column to know the number of times it was clicked on


    ExtraWatch tells us that the element Home button is the most clicked on on our website with 14 clicks so far:

    Fig. 1 - All time element clicks table
  • February 14, 2015

    Improve tracking visibility by assigning a name to an element and setting it up as goal:

    • Open the web page containing the element you want to monitor and click on it
      Fig. 1 - We want to monitor the About Us page link
    • Back in ExtraWatch click on Clicks in left menu
    • Scroll down to section Latest element clicks refreshed in real-time
    • Look for a new addition to the table or a count increase in the clicks column
      Fig. 2 - Latest added element should be our About Us page link
    • Make sure you have the right element by clicking on it
      Fig. 3 - Highlight new element
    • ExtraWatch opens your web page and highlights the element
      Fig. 4 - Highlighted element is correct
    • Click + to add the element to goals
      Fig. 5 - Add to goals
    • Choose a name for your new goal
      Fig. 6 - Insert a new goal
    • Fine tune your goal by adding more restrictions:

      • Incoming URI
      • Incoming IP range
      • Incoming Countries
      • Username
      • HTTP parameters
      • ...
    • Finish by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page

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