See how many times a specific element was clicked on for a particular date

  • Click on Clicks in left menu
  • Scroll down to section Clicks Areas for **
  • Click left or right to switch between days
    Fig. 1 - Select day in Clicks Areas table
  • Find the element you are looking for
  • Inspect the clicks column to find out the number of times that particular element was clicked on that day
  • You can also click on any element id to know which element it represents
    Fig. 2 - Click on first element in Clicks Areas table for ** (today)
  • ExtraWatch will open a new web page and highlight the corresponding element in it
    Fig. 3 - We see that the About Us page link is our element with the greatest number of clicks today

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  • Category: Tracking
  • Created by: user221
  • Created On: February 14, 2015
  • Last Updated: February 14, 2015

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