Capturing long tail keywords


All ExtraWatch automatically captures keywords visitors used to find your website. This is very important feature for every website owner.


What are so cold long tail keywords?

These are usually two or three keywords which your users used to find your website. This two or three keywords combination is not that much common and search volume is very low. But these long tail keywords are responsible for most of the traffic from search engines.


long tail keywords


Why is it then called Long tail keywords?

When you check this picture below you can clearly see that there are some key phrases with high search volume. There is also very big competition to rank for such high search volume keywords. If you would focus your energy and effort to be able to have your website ranking for these high search volume keywords, it's a very costly.

Lower search volume, better focus

Therefore, it's better to produce a content focusing on these key phrases with with lower search volume and have unique content optimized for these long tail keywords. It is more likely that there will be only one or two visits for particular key phrase a month, but you can be sure that such visit brings in a visitor who is looking for the exact keyword combination. On the other hand, with high search volume keywords you cannot be certain about visitors intent.


To see list of captured keywords, click on SEO tab and scroll to the bottom


Long tail




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