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Live Stats

  • Current date / time
  • Info how many visits were blocked today from total
  • Lists most recent visits / bots
  • icon which displays last visitor's location
  • country flag, IP address, browser icon, operating system icon, time of visit, clickable page title and URL
  • origin of visit
  • search result number, keywords
  • On hover on visit row:
  • block IP address, add page as goal, list of URL parameters, link to add URL parameter as a goal
  • Last visit map (displaying location of most recent visitor)
  • Current week stats (unique visits, page loads, hits, page loads / unique ratio)
  • Today's stats / All-time stats: (each of them displays: count, percentual increase/decrease compared to previous day, bar, icon which opens trends), bar icon, total
  • Goals, Referrers, Internal, Key-phrases, Keywords, Pages, Users, Countries, Operating systems
  • List of blocked IPs for current day
  • Enter new IP address, Unblock IP address
  • Navigate to next / previous day

Traffic Flow

  • Combo box of all pages (to select root page from which to display outgoing traffic arrows)
  • Root outgoing links count (number of outgoing links from root node)
  • Nesting level (how many times to continue from the root node)
  • Scale (rainbow scale 0-100%)
  • An interactive HTML5 chart (allows you to drag all nodes)
  • Table representation of rendered data


  • Settings if display only changed key-phrases (those by which visitors already found your website)
  • Navigation
  • Most dynamic keyphrases report (displays changes in keyword position)
  • Total visits from search engines + percentage (ratio of total visits / visits from search engines)
  • List of all pages visited by users from search engine (most popular as first)
  • Total visits from search engines for current day (+ ratio)
  • Key-phrase (by which was the page found, search result position, count, percentage, 1-day change, 7-day change, 31-day change, trend chart icon)
  • Navigation


  • List of all pages (sorted by those with most click activity)
  • Click on each page renders click heat-map for current day


  • combo-box with: goals, referrers, internal, key-phrases, keywords, pages, users, countries, ip, browsers, os, database table sizes
  • selecting any of them displays:
  • bar chart with values for previous days, 1-day increase/decrease in percent
  • bar chart with values for previous weeks, 7-day increase/decrease in percent


  • New goal link
  • New goal form with:
  • Name
  • URI condition, URI inversed condition
  • Title condition, Title inversed condition
  • Username condition, Username inversed condition
  • IP Condition, IP inversed Condition
  • Came from condition, Came from inversed condition
  • Country condition
  • Advanced
  • GET var, GET condition, GET inversed condition
  • POST Var, POST Condition, POST inversed condition
  • Action
  • Block
  • Redirect to an URL
  • List of all goals (name, URI condition, Title condition, Username condition,Came from condition, Country condition, IP Condition, GET var, GET condition, GET inverted condition, POST var, POST condition, POST condition inverted, hits, enabled, edit, delete)


  • paging
  • same as live stats left side


  • Number of blocked spam attempts for today / total
  • List of blocked IPs
  • map icon (displays visitor's location), country flag, IP, number of hits
  • bad word (from list of spam words)
  • reason (why the IP was blocked - can be blocked manually)
  • link to unblock an IP
  • Anti-spam settings
  • Anti-spam enabled / disabled
  • List of bad words


  • Emails settings
  • enabled / disabled
  • email address
  • number of characters to list in email per row name
  • Email filters (allow you to filter just values you are interested in)
  • email percent value higher than ...
  • include only positive one day change values higher than ..
  • include only negative one day change values lower than ...
  • include only positive seven day change values higher than ..
  • include only negative seven day change values lower than ...
  • include only positive twenty-eight change values higher than ..
  • include only negative twenty-eight day change values lower than ...
  • SEO reports enabled checkbox
  • An email report from yesterday

Database Status

Table which lists:

  • table name
  • number of table records
  • table size in bytes
  • 1-day change (in percent)
  • 7-day change (in percent)
  • 28-day change (in percent)
  • trend icon (shows bar charts for current row and 1-day/7-day differences)


  • Left table lists all community modules components
  • an icon to refresh all component sizes
  • component name
  • if it's an admin component
  • component's directory size in bytes
  • an icon to check the latest directory size
  • total size of all components and it's increase / decrease from last "scan"
  • an icon to refresh all module sizes
  • module name
  • if it's an admin module
  • module directory size in bytes
  • an icon to check the latest directory size
  • total size of all modules and it's increase / decrease from last "scan"


  • Appearance
  • Countries
  • Visitors
  • History & Performance
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Front-end modules:

  • an Agent module (essential module to be published to gather visits)
  • Users module (lists most active users for today and their login names)
  • Visitors (lists most popular visitor countries and their flags)
  • percentage
  • country flag
  • country name
  • Number of visits for:
  • today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, total


  • Free community support forum: http://www.codegravity.com/forum/
  • Ticket system: http://www.codegravity.com/support/

Warranty (GNU/GPL):

There is no warranty for the program, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Except when otherwise stated in writing the copyright holders and/or other parties provide the program "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program is with you. Should the program prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.



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