ExtraWatch will help you to solve these common user problems:

I'm getting lots of spam and spam bots are using my forms more often than real users

  • ExtraWatch Anti-spam feature

  • I've established a web, but don't know how my users use it

  • ExtraWatch Live Stats

  • I'd like to see, who's on my website from my mobile phone

  • An Android app

  • What are the most clicked areas of my website

  • ExtraWatch Click Heatmap

  • I want to sell more and see people click "buy now" buttons more often

  • Clicked Elements Report

  • I don't know which keywords do people use to find my website

  • ExtraWatch SEO report

  • Which are the most downloaded files and how does it change in time

  • Download monitor

  • Which users are the most active and which share same login?

  • Our User monitor

  • What's the flow of traffic between pages

  • Traffic flow

  • What steps did the user follow to reach the goal?

  • Goals, send email once the goal has been reached

  • I want to see summary of how every of my site performs in time

  • Nightly email reports

  • Why do we think we are quite unique ?

    There are tons of other tracking tools, which more or less display the same boring stats (you can still use them) focus of ExtraWatch is to bring totally different view on your user's behavior we're here for you with your support questions

    Trust of community

    We're here since 2006 (first started with name JoomlaWatch) 149 User mostly 5-star reviews (May 2013) says it all check extensions.joomla.org (ExtraWatch) Still improving the tool to bring you the best experience

    Extrawatch tracking uses no cookies! And is compliant with EU Cookie Law

    So your website is compliant with this law and you don't have to ask users for permission to use cookies.
    Read more about EU Cookie Law

    Works also with most popular shopping cart solutions

    like Magento, also in multi-store setup, and popular PrestShop shopping cart

    Why to purchase ExtraWatch when Google Analytics is free?

    With ExtraWatch you don't have to wait 24 hours to get results, you can see different representation of valuable visitor data which are private on your own server.
    As an owner of a website, you can usually administer things like articles, your website layout, design,.. gallery content, items to be sold in your shop etc.

    but you don't have answers on these additional problems like:

    - What can I do to make the whole content of my website to be optimized for the best user experience, so user will find the information they're looking for - in the most efficient way.

    .. So they're quickly able to complete the goal for they're are on your website, whether they want to download some file, complete a registration form, or they want to purchase some of your products.

    - What are the most active / "hot" parts of your website? Why people don't click on some buttons?

    - Then, there is a question, How can you measure that when you're changing layout of your website - Does this have an effect on your conversions, or even sales.. ?

    - What's the percentage of traffic from social media like facebook / twitter / linkedin? google adwords or banner campaigns etc.?

    - When you're hosting downloadable artefacts, like .pdf or .zip files .. you'd like to monitor these downloads in time.

    - Then, what are the real keywords people were using to find your website on search engines. Was your SEO optimization you paid lots of money for, really effective?

    - What are the mobile phone models people were using to view the content of your website? So you can try it by yourself.


    - When you have a page A... What's the percentage of people who go to page B or page C ? you'd like to see complete chart of your internal traffic distribution.

    - When you administer more websites, you'd like to get separate short summary emails, which you can read every morning

    - Then, which users are the most active users from your community? Are they the returning customers? Are there some users sharing same login names?

    - When there are some website forms, you might be getting tons of spam emails from spam bots! And you want be able to block some users, based on different types of conditions.

    - Then, you want to get the usual answers like: What are the most popular pages...

    Well, some statistical tools can give you the answer for this, but usually in very "static" way.

    And, furthermore, you'd like to watch your visitors as they're on my website !NOW! from your mobile phone using one tap from home screen!

    ExtraWatch software is a solution to all of these questions!

    The value you get by using this software on your website, either by increased sales of your products or by making your website a much better website for your visitors

    is much higher than the price we're asking for this software.

    ExtraWatch is available as a version hosted in cloud, so you can activate it just by placing an HTML code snippet in your website .. within 5 minutes !

    It is also available as an installable plug-in for Joomla!, Wordpress, Drupal, and shopping cart solutions like Prestashop and Magento.

    Plus, there's a 30-day money back guarantee for any reason. Get ExtraWatch now! And start seeing these answers immediately!

    To see how you can you take the !full! advantage of all of these features of ExtraWatch, please check some additional demo videos.

    Thank you.

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