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1 CSS stying on Magento is not applied and backend looks corrupted (Hot!)
2 ExtraWatch agent corrupted my wordpress theme (Hot!)
3 How to unpublish agent plugin in version 2.4beta if you can't get into administrator section (Hot!)
4 SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'IGNORE TABLE #__extrawatch_config ADD UNIQUE INDEX(name) (Hot!)
5 ExtraWatch does not work with Cloudflare, why? What can I do? (Hot!)
6 Fatal error: Class 'PDO' not found (Hot!)
7 Extension Install: Another package is already using the named folder (Hot!)
8 My Domain name has changed, how can I get the license key for the other domain? (Hot!)
9 I bought a license but I see nothing in "My Purchases" (Hot!)
10 I have not received an activation code / license key for ExtraWatch (Hot!)
11 I can not login into my account (Hot!)
12 How long does the ExtraWatch PRO license subscription last? (Hot!)
13 Getting warning that code is not installed properly (Hot!)
14 How add new Domain License (Hot!)
15 In the tab "Location" asks me to insert the API and me a link "ipinfodb.com". Where do I get this number? What server? (Hot!)
16 How do I block ip countries? I want to block all ip of Nigeria (example) (Hot!)
17 In bots section no other info appears like browser, etc. Why ? (Hot!)
18 How to delete IP adress entries anti-spam section? (Hot!)
19 Not tracking some urls (Hot!)
20 SEO Report displays no data (Hot!)
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