How the licensing works?

Q: What's the licensing of installable version of ExtraWatch?
A: it's single domain license - with support and updates for 6 months

Q: But I get to use the license forever for that domain....
A: yes, you can but with the actual version you bought or with update which falls into 6 month update period after your payment.
If you want new features which we'll release after 6 months from your payment, you can buy new license and you'll get new features together with support

Q: Can I use installable version on more domains when I bought only one PRO license?
A: Surprisingly - yes. You can. But you'll only get updates and support for the domain you bought this subscription.

Q: To extend my license, do I need to pay again the full amount?
A: If you wish to get new features and new access to support, yes.

Q: I'm reading the documentation, i saw that it can run on cloud, do I need to subscribe that as well?
A: Installable and hosted version of ExtraWatch differ in terms of licensing:

Standalone installable version: one-time payment, 6-month access to support and updates
Hosted version: 7-day trial, then lower monthly fee to access the hosted service.

Paying lower monthly fee for hosted version - lower monthly fee doesn not entitle you to download the full installable version with higher price.

Do you offer a multi-license, which will allow me to install it on infinite number of domains?
A: No. This would mean that we'd have to provide also support for infinite number of installations for one fee, which we cannot afford.
And if some customer would buy such multi-license and would install it on eg. 2000 domains, we would have to take care of support for 2000 installation for one fixed fee. This is unsustainable.
Instead of that, we can offer significant discounts for customers who wish to purchase more than 5 domain licenses at once. Contact us via live chat for more details.

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