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1. Open your front-end page in browser

2. click view source or (Ctrl+U)

3. search for agent.js

4. if the agent.js is not found, it means that your ExtraWatch agent is not published on front-end.

You have to go to modules and make sure that it's assigned to the position which exists in your template.


Best practice:

1. Find some other module which is already visible when you visit your front-end (eg. menu, or twitter posts plugin, etc.)

2. Remember the position name (eg. : "position-7")

3. Find ExtraWatch Agent module and place it in the same position as the module which is already visible in the front-end. (eg. "position-7")

4. Visit the front-end again and then press (Ctrl+U or view source) and try to find agent.js string

5. If still no string is found, repeat the whole process


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