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Make sure the ExtraWatch Agent module is published

Check our installation video for instructions how to properly activate the extension

it has to be also published in position which exists in your template

We're trying to publish this extrawatch agent module automatically on installation since version 2.2,
but still, if you are not sure, which module positions you have active, then, you can check templateDetails in


section: "positions"

But, someone could still modify the template and got rid of some positions. So in this case check also index.php:


Search for tags:
For example, I found:

so I can use position-6 to publish agent module at.
If you're gonna change agent to be published at that position, then, it's 100% that you should see new visitors in Visitors section.

If you're using Akeeba admin tools:

Navigate to: Admin Tools > WAF Exceptions> WAF Exceptions
Then click "New"

Then into Component field type com_extrawatch and save

ExtraWatch is proudly featured at:

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