How to update extension without loosing data?

Note: this works when upgrading same version minor number (first 2 version numbers) Eg. Upgrading 2.2.532 to 2.2.1029, or 2.0.123 to 2.0.800

1. Make a backup of extrawatch databsae tables using tools like phpMyAdmin. These are usually tables {dbprefix}_extrawatch... for example: jos_extrawatch, jos_extrawatch_uri, etc.
You don't need to backup the {dbprefix}extrawatch_ip2c table, because this is really a big one, because it contains geolocation information (mapping of IP address to particular country)

2. In ExtraWatch -> Settings -> Advances, check setting UNINSTALL_KEEP_DATA and save.
This shall preserve the data when you're doing an uninstall.

3. Uninstall the ExtraWatch using joomla extension manager

4. Install new ExtraWatch package and check if the data are there.

if they got still erased somehow, you can always restore the database tables which you had as a back-up

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