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    Awesome Extension
    Reviews: 1
    Thought I had an installation issue and their support was amazing! Purchase the Pro won't regret it.

    Thanks for an excellent tool!
    Steve S
    Reviews: 3
    I've tried ExtraWatch in the free version first. After a few days, I was happy to get all the information I had hoped for. So I decided to get the Pro version. Now I have even more results, and it is an amazing value for the price. Thanks to everyone involved in the production.
    Excellent Product - A Must Have for Every Site
    Reviews: 5
    I work in data analytics for a living and ExtraWatch Pro is a great tool for your website. This product works perfectly, and they provide quick support and response times. Great job!
    Great support and great extension !!!
    Reviews: 2
    Work perfectlly and support it's quick and userfull.

    I'm very happy with this component !!

    I recommend it 100%