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Similar to the Database Status page, in which you are presented with a lot of information for review but not as much interactive capabilities as, for example, Live Stats, the Modules / Component Sizes page on your JoomlaWatch might not bring you a lot of excitement. But it will bring you a lot of information quickly, which is one of the major goals of JoomlaWatch in the first place.

Logging into this section, your primary goal is simply to retract this information. Although JoomlaWatch does present it to you clearly and easily, it will help if you know your way around the feature for the next time you decide to review your Modules / Components sizes. Here’s a brief guide to doing just that.

Bringing Up the Site

By now, you might be well experienced at navigating around JoomlaWatch. But for beginners, it’s worth briefly explaining how to find the Modules / Component Sizes feature.

First, you can bring it down in the Joomla Menu under Components -> JoomlaWatch –> Modules / Component Sizes. You can also find it simply by clicking “Components” on the top row of your regular JoomlaWatch pages:

Either navigation path will bring up the same page, Modules / Component Sizes.


Let’s log in to JoomlaWatch and find Modules / Component Sizes. You’ll find the page looking quite similar to ours here:

The first thing that’s obvious is that there are two tables – the left and right-hand side. One table (the left) is for components, while the other table (the right) is for modules. (If you’re noticing how only some of the size information is showing up at this point, don’t worry – we’ll get to that).

Each component and module is divided by alphabetical order and not by size, so be sure to keep that information handy when you’re looking to measure an individual module ore component.
But before we get to the meat of the issue, let’s explore what you’ll see up top.


Above the left-hand table, you’ll see a couple of alerts:

The first alert is when the last check was performed. Why do you see this under Module / Component Sizes but not anywhere else? It’s because you’ll actually be refreshing the information when you open this page – but we’ll get to that in a moment.

The next alert tells you that blue modules and components (that is, modules and components listed in the tables below) are ones that are located in the /administrator directory. This should help you easily browse through the information if that’s exactly what you’re looking for. If not, feel free to ignore the “blue” font on the modules and components as you browse.

Using and Reviewing the Tables

A simple perusal of the tables in Module / Component Sizes will show you three columns:

These columns are fairly easy to understand. You’ll see the component name (organized alphabetically), the component size, and then an icon that symbolizes “refresh.”

If you don’t see any “size” information for either your components or modules, don’t worry. You’ll simply have to click “refresh” to get the latest information as to the size of these components and modules.

Of course, if you’re confused by the triple refresh icon vs. the single refresh icon, don’t worry. The triple refresh icon will refresh the information of all the rows in the table. Clicking the refresh icon in the row next to the component or module you want to look up will simply bring up the information for that single row.
In that case, you might have information that looks more like this:


Why the need for both a “Refresh all” and a “Refresh” icon? It’s because of the nature of the Component / Module page itself.

Since you’re just here to look up individual information, you might actually be looking for information that is specific to one component or one module. In this case, “refreshing all” wouldn’t be necessary, especially as each row can take a few seconds to refresh.

Needless to say, if you have a lot of rows that need to be refreshed, it can be a waste of time to refresh them all. If you’ve come to Component / Module Sizes to look for individual sizes, however, you’ll only need to run a quick “Control + F” search to find the component or module name and then refresh that individual row.

Additional Information

Of course, you might have to wait for them all to refresh if you want to sum up all of the information contained in each table and take a look at the total amount of size of these components and modules. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see:


Again, you’ll have an option to “refresh all” here. If reviewing the total is where you want to go, you can simply log in to Modules / Component Sizes and scroll to the bottom first.


Reviewing module and component sizes is not something that will happen on most regular traffic or site reports. But it is a feature on JoomlaWatch to allow you a total review of everything that’s on your Joomla site. If you need to check out an individual component or module – or even review all of the ones that are on your site – you should head over to Modules / Component Sizes right away and get to refreshing. That will help you learn all you need to know about your own site.

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